Dorset Homoeopathy

Fay Edgar RSHom

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The Homoeopathic Consultation

Individual treatment

During the consultation I will ask you about your life. Your likes & dislikes, what makes you feel stressed & what makes you smile, what foods you eat & what you dream about, family medical history, the list goes on. Homoeopathy is about finding out what makes you, as an individual, tick.

Everyone reacts differently to situations, physically, mentally & emotionally. It's what makes us unique. Have you ever noticed how different members of the family react differently to a bug? There is often someone who has to take to their bed, someone who just gets on with it, suffering but not complaining and someone who isn't affected at all. Everyone is different and it is those differences that allow me to build up an accurate picture of which remedy you will need.



This individual picture that I build up takes time. I cannot possibly find out everything there is to know about you in 1 appointment. Initial appointments usually last 90 minutes but please allow up to 2 hours. Subsequent consultations are usually an hour.

Children's appointments are generally shorter, an hour initially and 30 minute follow ups. If there is anything you would rather not discuss in front of your child, a separate appointment or phone call can be arranged.

How many appointments you will need and how long it will take you to be well is as individual as you are. In general, although not a strict rule, the longer you have been unwell, the longer it can take to be well again.


There are a number of private health insurance companies that cover the costs of homoeopathy.

Adults: £45/hour

Children: £40/hour

Phone consultations up to 15 mins; £15

Initial consultations: £65

Family discounts available.

All fees include medicines.

Taking the medicine

Homoeopathic medicines are to be taken on a clean palate. This means avoiding food and drink except water immediately before and after taking the medicine. 10-15 minutes should be fine. This includes cleaning teeth, chewing gum etc...

Tablets should be placed under the tongue and allowed to dissolve, although if it is still there after 5 minutes you can give it a chew.

What to expect after taking the medicine

As with all homoeopathy, each person will react differently. In my experience children will often react quite quickly to remedies, especially when it comes to acute situations, such as fevers, i.e. within minutes Some individuals won't notice any immediate change, but at a follow up appointment will realise their condition or situation has improved. In rare instances nothing will have changed and a different remedy will need to be prescribed. Any new symptoms, vibrant dreams, changes in old symptoms should be noted so that we can explore these at the next appointment. In a very few cases, symptoms can seem to worsen, before they improve. This is because homoeopathy brings out what your body needs to, in order to move forwards to full health. If you are ever concerned at all, please give me a ring, you don't have to wait for your next appointment.

Phone calls

I am usually available for short phone conversations between 9am & 9.30am Monday to Friday. Longer conversations should be arranged at a mutually agreeable time.